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About Delays

The Net can be a frustrating place. Our link to you is subject to the following:

Power Outages.   We are at the very end of the rural electric line. Very dependable ... usually.

Satellite Outages.    We love our satellite net connection, but it ceases to work entirely during times of heavy precipitation. Very dependable ... except when it RAINS!

Computer Malfunctions.  Our IT dept. is the same guy who's head of shipping, accounting, procurement, and sales. (I fix it as fast as I can)

Out of Town.   We're on the road for a postcard show. Rarely for more than a 3 day weekend, but it does interrupt the flow.

We're taking care of business and will:

  • patch up
  • bootleg
  • workaround
  • and otherwise finagle to answer your email.

If you send more than 2 emails and don't get a reply within a week, none of the above apply.

Send flowers!

I probably got hit by a bus!